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Musician's Yoga Deck

Designed especially for musicians, this set of cards illustrates yoga poses to reduce anxiety, improve posture, and increase confidence, endurance, and body awareness to enable optimal performance. The yoga deck includes 72 cards with 50 poses, 3 partner poses, 3 pre-performance routines, pranayama techniques, and 2 complete hour-long yoga sequences especially designed for musicians. It also includes suggested poses for warming up, stretching during and after practice, and relieving shoulder, arm, and hand conditions that are common to musicians. Available on Etsy for $35.99.

Music and Yoga for Children Yoga Deck


The Music and Yoga for Children deck of 57 cards contains 50 poses and 6 partner poses with benefits, instructions, and teaching strategies listed along with an affirmation for each pose. Breath work, games, and theme and sequencing ideas are included along with strategies for Incorporating ear training, conducting patterns, and solfege with yoga in an early childhood music class. Available on Etsy for $29.99.

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